Thursday, April 30, 2009

DepEd Form 1: School Register

Last year I had my first advisory class in my 2 years and so of teaching in the public school. The first lesson I learned is that the form 1 is the source of most information you will be putting in your form 18 (the banig), and the form 137-a. This forms are available in most bookstores and sometimes given to us by our division offices. Traditionally we write the information by hand, but in our school, we are allowed to encode it in word, print it then paste it on the purchased forms. Not only is this neat, but also it saves us time and we can just copy paste the names and other information to other forms that we are required to complete. Well enough of the chit-chat, the file is in word format and can fit this kind of school register (see picture). The file is here:

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Wedzmer said...

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